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About Mel

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Mel Doerr
Psychic Medium, Reiki Master & Healer

Originally from a small town outside of Louisville, Kentucky, Mel Moved to Chicago in 1982. He has been a practicing psychic medium in the Chicago area over forty years. During the span of his long career he has read for numerous local and national celebrities, sports figures, politicians, judges, physicians and people from all walks of life. He is well known in Chicago especially for his work with police departments on murder cases and missing persons. Chief of Police Magazine game him the name, “ Policeman without a badge “for his work on high profile murder cases. Mel has a Papal blessing from Saint Pope John Paul II for his work in helping to find missing children. He has assisted law enforcement locally, nationally and internationally. Additionally, Mel has appeared on numerous television and radio shows and has had many write ups in magazines and newspapers locally and nationally. He has endorsements from many high ranking officials including a letter and greeting from President Bill Clinton.


Mel has had the honor of working with many famous psychics including  Peter Hurkos who worked on The Boston Strangler Case and The Sharon Tate murders. It was Peter who taught Mel how to utilize psychometry in his work. Most recently, Mel has become a  regular on Linda Grindel’s  Youtube Channel. Linda is a Youtube celebrity whose accuracy rate is uncanny. She is without a doubt one of the best psychic mediums alive today.  


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