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About Melinda

Melinda Leslie
Psychic Medium, Vortex & UFO Sighting Tour Guide

Melinda is a Medium and Channel getting insight and answers from your spirit guides and from those who’ve passed to the other side. Melinda’s profound psychic insight will help you navigate through life’s ups & downs and get the direction you need. She has over 38 years experience as a professional psychic and is an in-house reader at Sedona’s very own ‘Center for the New Age’. There she offers private reading sessions, vortex tours has conducted her renowned UFO Sighting Tours over one thousand times.


Melinda has been public about her own ET experiences for over three decades. Both her research and personal stories have been featured in over 25 books and film by prominent ufologists. Melinda has been a repeated guest on Coast-to-Coast and lectures at many conferences around the U.S.


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