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Featuring, Linda Grindel and Friends.

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Linda Grindel

Linda G was born in Georgia. Her father was Irish/Scottish decent, her mother Comanche/Mexican. Her mother took her to the tribe when she was born, they told her she had the third eye. She went on to realize her abilities and read for thousands, including members in Hollywood. Today she is a recognized Psychic Medium, bringing through Spirit and the other side for individual clients and spiritual events. She has a massive following on Youtube with her 2085+ videos, over 52K subscribers and more than 23,988,090 views. In her videos, Linda reads current event topics including politics and natural disasters. She is an advocate for love, compassion peace and humor.


Visit her website at LindaGrindel.com

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Mel Doerr

Originally from a small town outside of Louisville, Kentucky, Mel Moved to Chicago in 1982. He has been a practicing psychic medium in the Chicago area over forty years. During the span of his long career he has read for numerous local and national celebrities, sports figures, politicians, judges, physicians and people from all walks of life. He is well known in Chicago especially for his work with police departments on murder cases and missing persons. Chief of Police Magazine game him the name, “ Policeman without a badge “for his work on high profile murder cases. 



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Jenn Lynn

 Jenn Lynn is a Psychic Medium and Intuitive Healer, getting messages and insights from your guides and departed loved ones. She has over 39 years of professional experience reading tarot and over 27 years of experience as an intuitive energy healer. Jenn has studied under renowned teachers in the area of Metaphysics such as James Van Praagh, Brian Weiss, Barbara Brennan, and others. Born in a near death experience, Jenn Lynn was aware of the angels around her even as a child. As she grew up, like many she began to shut off her connection with her guides and angels. At the age of 19 she received a psychic reading which opened her to her spiritual journey through tarot, mediumship, energy healing, past life regression, automatic writing, shamanic journeying, and channeling her angels and guides.

Jenn Lynn Tarot on Youtube

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Joy Harjo

Joy Harjo is an internationally renowned performer and writer of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. She served three terms as the 23rd Poet Laureate of the United States from 2019-2022.


The author of nine books of poetry, including the highly acclaimed An American Sunrise, several plays and children's books, and two memoirs, Crazy Brave and Poet Warrior, her many honors include the Ruth Lily Prize for Lifetime Achievement from the Poetry Foundation, the Academy of American Poets Wallace Stevens Award, two NEA fellowships, and a Guggenheim Fellowship. As a musician and performer, Harjo has produced seven award-winning music albums including her newest, I Pray for My Enemies. 


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Kim Carney

Kim is the host and creator of the YouTube Channel Intuitiview which gives political predictions and also offers channeled spiritual messages to give guidance and direction for viewers.She is dedicated to the spiritual practice of prayer and meditation that has opened up her own gifts and is a certified teacher in Mindfulness and Meditation.Kim has always been intuitive but after a break through stay at a silent meditation retreat, she began to fully develop her gifts over the years through prayer and meditation.

Kim is a natural intuitive empath with developed gifts in clairvoyance, clairaudience and mediumship. Her heart's desire is to teach others to develop their own abilities in a down-to-earth way to demystify and make accessible spirit communication to all who seek it.

Debbie Henberg

Intuitive Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Numerologist, Tarot Reader and Spiritual Adviser

Debbie, through her own life experiences, became deeply devoted to guiding others into healing and insight. As a Light Worker, Spiritual Psychic Medium, and Reiki Master Teacher, combined with her work in Psychology, Debbie offers a unique combination of knowledge and experience. She comes with over 30 years of experience in both the psychological and paranormal fields of study. Being born with natural psychic abilities, Debbie feels a deep calling to help guide and heal others.

Her desire is for you to be free to express and embrace your truth in alignment of your soul-self.  

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Sue Lynn

Susan has been able to see, hear and feel spirit since she was a young child, and while her family talked about and even joked about ghosts, no one really took it seriously, so she eventually learned block them as much as possible. As a self-affirmed nerdy and square adult, however, visitations and messages began to come through with increasing regularity and with more determination. And living in a small town filled with history and ghosts, most people- including her friends thought it was cool. But Susan secretly hoped it was “just a phase”.


A pivotal moment occurred in 2012 when Susan decided to acknowledge her gifts started accepting them, at which point her abilities ignited. Susan pursued in-depth study under well-known psychics James Van Praagh, Kari Samuels, and attended workshops with Colette Baron-Reid. The help and guidance Susan can facilitate from the other side is amazing, and she feels humbled, privileged, and thankful to be a part of it.